Blended Protein Powder Reviews

Ben M

All our blended protein powder reviews can be found in the table below. Click on the protein name to get a full review!

All of our scores are out of 5!

[table caption=”2020 Blended Protein Powder Reviews” width=”600″ colwidth=”75|60|60|60|60″ colalign=”left|center|left”]
Protein Name, Taste Score, Nutritional Stats Score, Value Score, Overall Score
Bio-X Performance Complex Whey Protein“,4.5,4.5,4.5,4.5
Optimum Pro Complex,4.5,4.5,4.0,4.3
Optimum 100% Natural Oats & Whey,4.3,4.5,4.0,4.3
Dymatize Elite Fusion 7,3.8,5.0,4.0,4.3
Dymatize Elite Gourmet Protein,5.0,3.5,4.3,4.3
Gaspari Nutrition IsoFusion,5.0,4.0,3.8,4.3
Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Pro-Antium,4.5,4.0,4.0,4.2
Universal Proton 7,4.5,4.0,4.0,4.2
Mutant Whey Protein,4.0,4.0,4.5,4.2
AllMax Hexapro,4.5,3.8,4.0,4.1
BSN Lean Dessert Protein Shake,5.0,4.0,3.3,4.1
PES Select Protein,4.5,4.0,3.5,4.0
GT Nutrition USA Power 7,4.0,4.3,3.8,4.0
Cytosport Monster Milk,3.5,4.0,4.5,4.0
NLA Performance Recover-D,4.0,3.8,4.3,4.0
Next Level Nutrition Lean Pro Matrix,4.0,4.0,4.0,4.0
Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Flapjacks,4.0,4.0,4.0,4.0
Giant Sports Delicious Protein,3.8,4.0,4.3,4.0
EAS Myoplex 30,4.8,3.8,3.5,4.0
BSN Syntha 6 Isolate,4.3,3.8,4.0,4.0 Platinum Series Protogen,3.8,3.8,4.5,4.0
Musclepharm Combat Whey Protein,3.8,4.0,4.0,3.9
Blue Wave Amino Marine,3.8,4.0,4.0,3.9
Sci-MX Omni-MX Hardcore,3.8,4.0,4.0,3.9
Ultimate Protein Isolate,4.5,4.0,3.3,3.9
GNC Beyond Grow,4.8,4.0,3.0,3.9
Elite Labs USA IsoBlend,4.3,3.8,3.8,3.9
Forzaone Forzapro,3.8,4.0,3.8,3.8
Nutrex Muscle Infusion Black,3.3,3.8,4.5,3.8
Reflex Peptide Fusion,3.8,4.0,3.8,3.8
BioRhythm 100% Whole Gains Naturally Anabolic Protein,4.3,3.5,3.8,3.8
PhD Nutrition Pharma Blend,4.0,4.0,3.5,3.8
MHP Power Pak Pudding,4.0,4.0,3.5,3.8
Controlled Labs PROnom 23,3.5,4.0,4.0,3.8
MuscleTech Phase8,4.0,4.0,3.5,3.8
Vega Sport Performance Protein,3.8,3.8,4.0,3.8
Muscle Elements TRUTH,3.8,4.0,3.5,3.8
VitaSport Pro7ein Synthesis,3.5,4.0,3.8,3.8
GNC Beyond Raw Re-Feed,3.3,3.5,4.5,3.8
Muscle Feast Premium Blend,3.0,4.0,4.3,3.8
Max Muscle MaxPro,4.0,3.8,3.5,3.8
GNC Lean Shake 25,4.0,3.5,3.8,3.8
P28 High Protein Bagels,3.5,3.5,4.3,3.8
Syntrax Trophix,4.0,3.5,3.8,3.8
Syntrax Matrix,3.5,3.8,3.8,3.7
Ground Based Nutrition Superfood Protein,3.3,4.0,3.8,3.7
Everlast HyperPlex Protein Powder,3.5,3.8,3.5,3.6
Complete Nutrition Titan,3.3,3.3,4.3,3.6
LG Sciences Lipotropic Protein,4.0,3.3,3.5,3.6
USN Pure Protein IGF-1,3.0,4.0,3.8,3.6
Wellements Pro Blend 55,3.0,3.8,4.0,3.6
EAS Myoplex,3.5,3.5,3.8,3.6
RNG Health Pro Strength,3.3,4.0,3.5,3.6
Cytosport Muscle Milk,3.5,3.8,3.5,3.6
Muscle Feast Premium Blend Protein,3.5,3.8,3.3,3.5
Gatorade Nutrition Shake,3.5,4.0,3.0,3.5
Betancourt Big Blend,2.8,4.0,3.8,3.5
iforce Protean,3.8,3.3,3.5,3.5
Premier Nutrition Premier Protein Shake,3.3,3.3,4.0,3.5
SAN Nutrition Meta Force,3.5,3.5,3.3,3.4
Complete Nutrition V-Core,3.3,4.0,3.0,3.4
Body Nutrition Trutein,3.0,3.8,3.5,3.4
P28 High Protein Almond Butter,3.0,3.0,4.0,3.3
Vibrant Health PureGreen Protein,3.3,3.5,3.3,3.3
Labrada Lean Pro8,3.5,3.0,3.3,3.3