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3 Important Reasons Why You Aren’t Building Muscle

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Today we decided to discuss the main reasons why you aren’t building muscle.

Let’s check out in detail.

Building muscle can be a complicated process and there can be many roadblocks along the way. With that said, we have found three reasons that seem to hold people back the most. If you can fix these problems, you’ll make the road to gains less bumpy.


Look I get it, you want to get bigger so you keep training and lifting weights, so why would that be a problem? Well when you are lifting weights, you are tearing down your muscles, so you aren’t actually building muscle at that point. Muscle building occurs when your muscles recover from the teardown of weightlifting. If you aren’t letting them rest, you aren’t going to build muscle. So make sure you give yourself some off days and get some sleep to allow those babies to grow.

Less Means More

When you are weight training it is easy to loss focus and just think about the total weight you are lifting. This limits your time at the gym to trying to smash personal records without focusing on what matters most, reps and sets! This is basically the concept of volume training which is the total amount of weight you lift over the course of a workout. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to set records and to keep lifting more and more but if you want to build muscle you’ll have to focus on volume.

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Compound Lifts Over Isolation

If you want to build muscle, you have to focus on compound lifts. These multi-joint exercises that incorporate more than just one muscle group are what will make your muscles grow. Some of the best ones to focus on are squats, presses, deadlifts, and pullups. If you can push those, you will grow. This does not mean you shouldn’t do isolation as well, but again don’t lose focus. Isolation is great for focusing on specific muscle groups but just doing bar curls is far less effective than say pull-ups for your muscle growth.

There you have it, stay busy lifting and recommend this post to those looking for a brief answer of this question; why you aren’t building muscle!

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