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BioX Power Whey Complex Review

bioX power whey complex review

Today we are here with bioX power whey complex review.

The Bio-X Performance Xtreme Power Whey Complex protein has been on the market for some time now and many will tell you it’s one of the best on the market. I have to say that I can’t help but agree – for the last 2 or so years I’ve had this protein in my supplement stack! Let’s take a look.

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Bio-X says that it’s protein is unique “with its distinctive three-tiered enzyme fortified protein blend, helps nourish your body and feed your muscles with a concentrated dose of nitrogen-rich protein”. There is no doubt about it, this protein is stacked with a solid 27 grams of protein in each scoop.

BioX Protein Powder Review

The powder has a low lactose level of just under 5% or less than 2 grams per scoop so it’s easily tolerated by just about everyone. This certainly is a big plus as many protein powders these days either require way too much shaking to break down in water or stay thick and chunky. The Bio-X Performance Xtreme Power Whey Complex protein breaks down nicely after a just a few shakes and is easy to digest. You won’t feel bloated or “overfilled” taking one of these down!

Power Whey Complex features a nitrogen-loaded protein blend that employs a distinctive, three-tiered enzyme complex. Digestive enzymes play a major role in nutrient absorption and. BioX knows this, that’s why they put so much effort into the enzyme blend. It centers around a patented enzyme that specifically helps you digest protein – Aminogen. Power Whey Complex is formulated without the use of any controversial sweetners (such as aspartame) but without sacrificing taste using their superior formula. Seriously I’ve tried almost every flavour and am yet to be disappointed.


We paid $64.99 (Canadian dollars) for a 5.5lb tub, and for the nutritional specs, the value is certainly there. You’re getting 130 calories, 1,5g of fat, 2g of sugar, and 27g of protein in each scoop. This is why we gave it an 80% score on the value ranking. Certainly, it is not cheap but at the same time, you’d be hard-pressed to find something cheaper with the same taste and nutritional value.

In this bioX power whey complex review, we highly recommend this protein! It’s among the best tasting on the market, it offers great value, and it contains some of the best building blocks for muscles we’ve seen in proteins! To top it off you won’t have problems taking it down because it’s been fortified with digestive enzymes. 

But don’t take our word for it go and grab a tub today and try it! Personally, I loved the Chocolate Peanut Butter swirl!

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