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Is Form Overrated in Muscle Building (Really)

Is Form Overrated

‘Is form overrated’ is a common question asked while discussing muscle building in detail.

These days it seems like everyone is caught up in the “form” factor of every workout. It literally consumes Instagram “fitness” posts and forum boards across the internet. While it is important to have a general idea of the exercise you are performing and to know how you should be doing it, it does not mean the form is everything. There, I said it.. form is not everything.

Why are Muscles Getting Stronger But not Bigger

In fact, the form will never be perfect. If you are perfectly executing an exercise I will actually argue that you are not being efficient because you are not lifting enough weight, or near the weight you are capable of. Think about your warm set or routine, it’s comfortable and easy right? You bang off the exercises in perfect form and really limber up. That’s great for warm-ups, but imagine if that was your entire workout, would you honestly expect results? I didn’t think so.

While some will argue that form is important because it can prevent injury, I would argue that injury is inevitable. Injury free only exists in a perfect world and we do not live in a perfect world, especially not those who live to lift and get bigger and stronger. In order to do this you are going to have to push your body to the limits, you will need to break plateaus, and to do all this you will need to lift heavier and heavier.

Now you know the answer of this commonly asked question, ‘is form overrated’, so understand that with heavier weights comes a greater chance of injury. So don’t be worried about the form expert in your gym, don’t be scared of the injuries, just lift the weights and go heavier as soon as you can. Your body will become stronger as a result and it will thank you.

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