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Allmax Aminocore BCAA Review

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Today is the day for Allmax Aminocore BCAA Review.

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Allmax Aminocore BCAA is one of the most sold BCAA supplements on the market. It has been around forever, although it has been updated by Allmax over the years with new blends. The current release delivers 8.18g of BCAA in a 9:6:5 ratio, which is proven to provide an increase in muscle growth signals as the desired ratio. That ratio focuses on the lucine:valine:isoleucine formula.

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So what about the ingredients? Well Aminocore focuses on delivering you all the Vitamin B3, B6, B9 and B12 you need with 100% of your daily recommended intake in one serving. This combined with the 50 milligrams of alpha ketoisocaproic acid or a-KIC, mean you get a nice kick during your workout. It’s not enough to be a pre-workout, but it’ll help. Research does show that B-vitamins are linked to optimal energy production which makes the serving size included here a nice bonus over other BCAAs.

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What about the bad stuff? Well, interestingly enough, Aminocore does not have any artificial colors or dyes and it’s free from acesulfame potassium, the common artificial sweetener that is recommended to be avoided.

Finally, the price point is awesome. On average you are looking at $25-30 for a 30 day supply, or about $0.75 a serving. Not bad at all for a product with premium ingredients and non of the fluff. The taste will always be a personal preference but it should be noted Aminocore has several flavors and they’re all rated highly.

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