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Dymatize ISO 100 Protein Powder Review


Dymatize has been around for a while now and has had a few releases of their ISO-100 protein, and this latest one is their best one yet. This protein powder is unique in the sense Dymatize made sure they used a very high quality protein by going for 100% hydrolyzed protein isolate. This is a very fast digesting protein, that is also filtered and has the excess fat, lactose, cholesterol and carbohydrates removed.

Like other “premium” tier protein powders you’ll also get a great amino acid profile which can help boost workouts, muscle building and you recovery. This is further enhanced by Glutamine which Dymatize has put in here as well, giving you 4.4g with each serving.

In terms of ingredients you are getting 25 grams of protein with 0 grams of fag and less than a gram of sugar. Not bad at all! Labdoor also conducted a in depth test of Dymatize ISO-100 protein powder and found it contained no lead, arsenic, cadmium or other nonsense. The study also verified the claims by Dymatize through the independent testing of the protein powder. You can find Labdoors full study here.

All in all, you’re getting an easy mixing protein powder that has a great nutritional profile. You will pay a premium for it but it’s going to tick off all the boxes. There are several flavors for you to try and I can personally tell you they all test amazing.

Get it on a great deal here:

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