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Why are My Muscles Getting Stronger but not Bigger?

Muscles Getting Stronger but not Bigger

Weight lifters often ask why are their muscles getting stronger but not bigger.

Today we are here to resolve this problem.

Let’s start!

It seems like every adult male hits a phase after the newbie gains where they are still getting stronger but not putting on the size anymore. This can be a really frustrating experience as you might start to feel like you have nothing to show for the work you are putting in.

Let’s face it, part of the fitness/gym/bodybuilding world is to be able to show off YOUR better body. So why does this happen?

Well it could happen to just be your genes. Studies show that people who have more type II muscle fibers tend to become stronger and bigger. There is nothing you can do about the cards you are dealt. This might just mean you have to work harder, but I’ll get to that.

There is also the gender factor. Men have higher red blood cell counts than women which are important for developing muscle strength and size. Then you have to consider that men will have more testosterone and the ability to produce is much easier than women, which of course is also important to muscle and size building.

But the most important reason? Your workouts. Seriously, you might just not be targeting your muscles for growth. There are different programs for strength training than there are for size and believe me, it does make a difference in the way you train. If you want muscle strength you lift very heavy weights in low volume. If you want muscle size you lift moderately heavyweights in high volume. That’s not rocket science, it’s proven in the gym. So now you should not worry about your muscles getting stronger but not bigger.

Check out reasons why you aren’t not building muscles.

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