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Motivation: How to get through workout on those days you don’t feel it

Exhausted 6

Let’s face it, we all have those days where the gym is the last thing we want to be. You’re probably exhausted, you’re “busy” with things at work or perhaps stuff going on at home. All these things could have you drained and you might feel like you just need a day off, and you might be right. So what do you do on “those days”? You go work out. You sprint, you lift weights, you move weight.

On those days, get it done. That rest you’re craving? Put that rest off to tomorrow, go and crush that workout. But wait, how does that make sense, shouldn’t you listen to your body?

Well yes, but on those days, that voice that is telling you that you need to rest is in your head, its all mental. Your body probably doesn’t need the rest, but your brain wants the easiest way out, and the easiest way out is rest. Don’t buy into it, go and crush the workout, rest tomorrow.

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