Tips to Deal With Food Cravings


Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with food cravings, especially when you are in cutting season. Seeing as summer is just around the corner and many have started to cut, here are our best tips to get you to stay away from those cravings!

1) Taken out gluten and dairy in your diet as the majority of sweets are just that. Knowing how inflammatory these foods are to your body, and knowing this interferes with fat loss and normal functioning of your body- it’s easy to stay away. If you are really craving and absolutely need to have something, have 88% Dark Chocolate.

2) Keep a pack of sugar free gum on you, the chewing will get your mind off of the craving.

3) Protein pancakes, no explanatio necessary!

4) Do flexible dieting! Then it is easy to satisfy cravings because if it fits your macros, you can potentially eat it.

Stay strong friends!

About the Author

Ben M

Ben is the lead editor at His passion for fitness developed at a young age from involvement in sports, and carried on since then. Ben focuses on strength training and is also involved in coaching youth soccer.

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