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How good is the sauna after a workout?

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Want to know how good is the sauna after a workout?

Keep reading!

Pretty much every major gym has a sauna in it, so it must be good right? Not to mention the entire country of Finland has a sauna in their backyard, even the national army has a mobile sauna for their soldiers (seriously)! But just how good can it be?! Well, we decide to take a look at the stats and science behind it.

It’s important to understand what a sauna actually does, which is that the dry heat at a peak temperature of about 185┬░ F, will raise skin temperature to 104┬░ F within a few minutes. Now that might sound scary but in moderation, it is actually good for you.

The heat will relieve muscle and joint pain because it relaxes the muscles and therefore gives you a quicker recovery.┬áSaunas will also clear any metabolic waste and clean the skin while you are working up a sweat. Speaking of sweat, you’ll pour out about a pint of sweat during a short stay in the sauna.

As far as timing it is important to make sure you use the sauna after a workout. Hitting the sauna before your workout will leave you dehydrated and overheated before you even start lifting. Worst of all the heat will relax the muscles and you won’t get as much of a pump. So hit the sauna after the workout for 20 minutes and reap the rewards!

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