5 Signs You Have Overtrained and How to Fix It

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depressed-bodybuilder-tiredIt happens to the best of us, we get on a run and we can’t stop. Before we know it the results aren’t coming in any more and suddenly you’re just tired. Guess what, you’ve over-trained. Here are the top 5 signs you are.

1. Constant Tiredness
Are you always feeling tired, even after a good night of sleep? Just can’t get through the day? Guess what, you’ve over-trained.

2. Lack of Motivation
Is the gym becoming more of a job than the pleasure it used to be? Have you tried mixing up the workouts but still you can’t find a way to get into it? You’ve over-trained.

3. Lower Libido
Look this one might really hit you guys, but don’t feel bad if you’re finding yourself lacking the sex drive you once had. Nothing is wrong with you other than that you’ve over-trained!

4. Lack of Pumps
Are you absolutely killing it in the gym with your workouts but getting no pump? I mean you’ve just crushed like 3 sets of 10 reps on bicep curls and your arms haven’t changed? You’ve over-trained.

5. Lack of appetite
This one is the scariest, suddenly you no longer care about food. You don’t have the cravings, and even after a workout you could care less about eating.

The worst part is this all adds up to a lack of gains! The best way to fix this is to take a some time off the gym. Now hold on before you start losing it, you really do need at least a few days off, maybe even a week. Trust me, once you get back to after a break everything will be better! Give it a shot!


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