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Total Body Complex HIIT Workout Plan


We recently posted a beginner HIIT workout plan that took about 20 minutes and people really loved it. Today we’re going to show you a more complex HIIT workout plan that hits the whole body and should take about 35-45 minutes to complete.

1. Barbaell Squat – 1 set of 5-8 reps
2. Push Press – 1 set of 5-8 reps
3.  Good Morning – 1 set of 5-8 reps
4.  Romanian Deadlift – 1 set of 5-8 reps
5.  Bent Over Barbell Row – 1 set of 5-8 reps
6. Power clean – 1 set of 5-8 reps

Give it a go and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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