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How to stay motivated at the gym

Let’s be honest we’ve all started a program or began working out at the gym only to quit 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months later at some point in our lives. But why does this happen? The main problem is that we simply become demotivated, that program you started? No longer a priority. You become exhausted, and what was suddenly new and existing becomes dull and a job. Here are some ways to prevent that.


Get A Workout Partner
Nothing you could possibly do at the gym will be more effective than having someone who will be there to motivate you. A good workout partner will not let you say you can’t make it to the gym tonight because you are not in the mood. They will push you for that last rep that you think you cannot do. Even better you’ll have someone there to spot you when you’re lifting so that you aren’t hurting yourself and so that you are constantly adding more weight. Get a workout partner, everyone needs a spotter bro!

hercules-dj-pro-m10001-headphones72s717frspAdd Some Beats
Let’s face it sometimes the music at the gym is not going to be the best. Get some upbeat music, stuff that you can groove to and put on those headphones. Music will help you focus, it’ll prevent people from engaging you at the gym and losing your concentration, and it’ll take your mind off the weight you are pushing/pulling.

Stay Positive
I’ve seen it way too many times where I see someone at the gym and they try to use the “oh I’m not really feeling it tonight” excuse. Stop looking at workouts as an ordeal, you need to think of them as an opportunity to improve yourself. Maybe you haven’t reached your target at the end of the workout but that’s okay as long as you gave it 100% and tried. Keep pushing, stay positive.

Change Up the Game Plan
Look no one sane person wants to keep doing the same thing over and over… and over again. It’s the definition of madness, and it’ll ensure you get bored very quickly. Are you tired of doing those skullcrushers? Why not try some overhead cable triceps extensions or do some dips instead? It’s always good to change it up because chances are if you are bored of the exercise it’s because you’ve plateaued.

There you have it folks, try these tips and let us know if it works. Stay positive, put on those headphones, and get busy lifting with your workout partner.

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