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What are the most underrated concepts in fitness?

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There is A LOT of content out on the internet and published media about what you should be doing to achieve your fitness goals. I’ve seen entire books on complex theories regarding training techniques, and even entire websites dedicated to one method so it’s easy to see how so many new comers get confused by all the material. We decided this week to cover the most underrated concepts which are essential to your fit life. Here are our top 5:

2623732_orig1) Consistency. Consistency is the single biggest factor in achieving any fitness goal. If you’re just starting to run, maybe you’ll be able to hit 5km in your first run, but can you do the same the next day? Are you cleaning up your diet? Sure you could go cold turkey on all the junk food but are you really going to be able to stay away from it in two weeks? It’s important that whatever you start off with you make sure it’s something that you can do on a consistent basis with a consistent increase.

2) Flexibility. Are you stretching? If you aren’t you’re doing it wrong. Stretches are not only key to sucess but also key to avoiding injuries. Spend the 15 minutes before and after a work and stretch, improve your flexibility.

3) Time. You don’t need to spend 2 hours in the gym but at the same time, 15 minutes will not get you the body you want.

4) The power of +1. Believe it or not there are going to be days when you don’t want to workout or do anything and you tell yourself you’re just too tired for the gym (not talking about rest days). But don’t listen to that voice because getting exercise, even a little, makes you a little better than you’d be without it – a little more healthy, a little closer to your goals. Doing anything is better than sitting on the couch. In the gym, doing one more rep or doing one more pound will keep you from maxing out and plateauing. You need to learn to beat yourself, +1.

5) Breadth. Many weightlifters say fitness = amount of weight you can lift. Many distance runners say fitness = the distance / speed you can run. Yoga enthusiasts say fitness = balance and flexibility. The bottom line is everyone has their own definition of fitness, and it’s often very narrow. Balance and breadth are waht you should be focusing on, you don’t need to squat 400 pounds to be fit but at the same time you do need to do a chin up. Hit all parts of the body and all elements, don’t scarifice being elite in one aspect to being poor in every other.

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