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Canadian Protein Review – 100% Premium Whey Protein Isolate

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Up for review today is Canadian Protein’s Chocolate Peanut Butter of 100% Premium Whey Protein Isolate. has created a lot of buzz in the community due to the rock bottom pricing for what appears to be very solid nutritional stats. The flavour has certainly been contested as with any supplement it comes down to user preference.

Top 10 Whey Protein Brands100-premium-whey-protein-isolate-5lbs

We decided to order a bunch of different samples so you can expect a few more reviews but we decided to start with their Premium Whey Protein Isolate and went with the chocolate peanut butter flavour. A little bit of background on the company first though as it is still relatively new in the community but not in the market place. Canadianprotein used to be known as True Nutrition prior to 2011 and makes many different supplements based in Canada. The company targets bulk orders and thus sells on bulk prices.

Lets get down to it then, and start off with the taste. We choose chocolate peanut butter because as what lifter doesn’t love peanut butter and who in the world doesn’t love chocolate? Am I right or am I right? Unfortunately this is probably the only category that Canadianprotein disappointed in. The flavouring was just not there and you could only really taste a hint of chocolate and peanut butter. It tasted more like very watered down peanut butter with a drop of chocolate. The powder does break down well but it becomes very liquidly with the amount of water that Canadianprotein advises customers to use. I found much better results reducing the water levels for taste and I was still able to get all the powder to dissolve very easily.

100-premium-whey-protein-isolate-5lbsFor the nutritional stats we found Canadianprotein’s product to be amazing! Each 30 gram scoop contained 122  calories, 0g of fat, half a gram of carbs and a whooping 29g of protein! It’s even more impressive when you consider that only one gram of the 30 gram scoop makes up the flavoring, sweetner, and other additives (on the other hand this could explain the poor taste). Either way in terms of the nutritional stats it certainly excels!

Finally we look at price. If you are purchasing a 5lb tub (which is how most of us order our protein) you are looking at a price of about $13.99 a pound. If you want to buy it as a 25lb bag you’re looking at $11.99 a pound. In comparison to other high quality proteins that are at 79.99-89.99 for a 5lb tub (or 15.99/lb – 17.99lb) so this is a steal. Make no mistake you are getting a quality product, the reason it is cheaper is because isn’t sponsoring big deal athletes, they keep advertising costs down, and simple packaging.

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