Mailbag: Liquid chalk vs chalk

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Today’s mailbag question comes from Peter who is wondering whether liquid chalk is a good alternative to regular chalk. Peter writes:

Recently my gym has invoked a no policy which I have been using especially on heavy lifts such as dead lifts. I’m wondering should I use liquid chalk or should I go barehands? Thanks!

With more and more gyms eliminating chalk this is something we get asked frequently. Most of the liquid chalk out on the market is basically a low antiperspirant. We’ve tested a couple of the ones and the market and found that LiquidGrip comes closest to resembling chalk in liquid form. With that said most of the products do not compare to real chalk. However, if your gym does not allow you to bring chalk, it’s a solid alternative if you have sweaty hands.

The only problem with liquid chalk is that you have to wait for your hands to dry after spraying the stuff on. If you have really sweaty hands you have to reapply many more times then you would regular chalk which can be annoying. But again if you have really sweaty hands go for the liquid chalk it’ll be a solid choice.

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