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Mailbag: How to Do Leg Press Correctly

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On the leg press how low should you go with the sled? Is it like squats where you should go as low as possible?

In today’s mailbag we dug out a good one. Often at the gym I see too many people using the leg press incorrectly with way more weight than they should be. It’s one of those pieces of equipment that look simple but as with anything in the gym form is key! Our reader Keith wrote to us:

Dear staff,
I’ve really been focusing on the legs this last few months but I’m starting to question if I’m doing it right. I’ve been killing myself on this machine by going low, as low as I can possibly go but I’m seeing many people are not going that “deep”. Am I doing it wrong? Should I focus on going lower less and more on adding weight?


Keith this is a great question! But it sounds like you have it figured out, you SHOULD go as low as possible. Don’t worry about more weight so much, worry about form and form says get low! A good rule of them to follow is to get as low as possible until your butt starts to lift off the chair. Follow that and you’ll be fine!

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